Welcome to Glendale Early Education Centre Inc – a community-based non-profit organization.  We offer early education for children 6 weeks to school age.  The centre is purpose-built catering for 46 children per day over 3 rooms – 0-2 years, 2-3 years.

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Glendale Early Education

Glendale Early Education Centre Inc. is a non-profit community based service, which was opened in October 2001.  The building plans and construction were supervised and funded by Lake Macquarie City Council and funded by the Department of Health and Family Services.  The responsibility of management is placed upon Glendale Early Education Centre Incorporated Parent Management Committee.  The Centre operates under the Education and Care Services National Regulations, and through the Children (Care and Protection) Act 1987 as set down by Department of Education and Communities.

Throughout the service operation, the Centre will provide affordable quality education and child development.  The service places an emphasis on providing a holistic program that embraces and reflects the Early Years Learning Framework aiming to enhance the sense of being, belonging and becoming of all children.  The interest based program also enables children with additional needs to be integrated into a high quality program.

The Centre has been designed with 3 individual playrooms and 2 separate playgrounds, and can cater for the changing community needs in relation to child development.  This allows the Centre to cater for Early Learners (Caterpillar room – 0 – 2 years), Transitional Learners (Grasshopper room – 2 – 3 ½ years) and Pre School (Busy Bee room – 3 – 6 years) children in more age appropriate environments.  This has enabled the Centre to provide up to 46 licensed positions.  We provide a home like environment to our families, whilst best meeting their educational needs, and the needs of their children.


All children are programmed for on an individual basis.  The centre has incorporated the Curriculum Framework into programming and value and encourage parent participation into all activities the centre provides. The 0-2 age group also incorporates primary care into the children’s day.  Parents are provided with written feedback each day giving details of their child’s daily eating, drinking, and physical care. The pre-school program incorporates school readiness into their daily events, working closely with teachers from local schools.

The large outdoor area offers 2 play areas – 0-3 years and pre-school with soft fall play areas, grassed areas and sandpits. Family groupings are offered in 0-3 years area mornings and afternoons. The pre-school area offers age appropriate equipment to challenge older children’s gross motor skills

The Centre aims to provide fun, friendship and education in a loving environment.  Developmentally appropriate educational programs, which specifically meet the individual needs of all children, are provided on a daily basis.

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National Quality Standard

The National Quality Standard sets a new national benchmark for the quality of education and care services. The National Quality Standard is divided into seven Quality Areas:

Educational program and practice

Children’s health and safety

Physical environment

Staffing arrangements

Relationships with children

Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

Leadership and service management.


The Centre has detailed Policies and Procedures on a range of subjects.  Many of these Policies are a regulatory requirement and comply with the centre’s participation in Assessment and Ratings against National Quality Standards by ACECQA. Centre Policies relate to but not limited to Health and Safety, Enrolment, Financial Management, Nutrition, Programming and Documentation, Child Protection and Staffing. Click the links below to view each policy.

Program, Education & Development Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Food & Nutrition Policy

Fee Policy

Child Protection Policy


We are registered for Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate with the Family Assistance Office.  Parents must apply to Family Assistance Office before their child’s first day of attendance to ensure the appropriate assistance is applied to fees.

The centre values its open door policy giving parents the opportunity to participate in the daily program.  We also offer an orientation process for new enrolments to visit the centre at their leisure before permanent placement begins to familiarize children and parents with the centre, staff and the daily routine.

GUIDELINES FOR PLACEMENT – LINK TO WESITE  http://deewr.gov.au/priority-allocating-places

Placement of Children – Priority of access is based on the following criteria:-

First Priority: a child at risk of serious abuse or neglect

Second Priority: a child of a single parent who satisfies, or of parents who both satisfy, the work/training/study test under Section 14 of the ‘A New Tax System (Family Assistance) Act 1999’

Third Priority: any other child.


Within these main categories priority should also be given to the following children:

  • children in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families
  • children in families which include a disabled person
  • children in families which include an individual whose adjusted taxable income does not exceed the lower income threshold of $41,902 for 2013-2014, or who or whose partner are on income support
  • children in families from a non-English speaking background
  • children in socially isolated families
  • children of single parents.


A child care service may require a Priority 3 child to vacate a place to make room for a child with a higher priority.  They can only do so if you:

  • are notified when your child first entered care that your service follows this policy
  • are given at least 14 days notice of the need for your child to vacate.

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